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the nodes that have helped me learn, and i keep going back to for more insight

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Make a perl s‎crip‎t self aware...
Documentation for POE?
Statement Modifiers, Whaa?
For users of ActiveState Perl, this may someday save you some grief!
Has anyone compared Cygwin Perl to AS Perl?
slurping __DATA__
Coping With Scoping
my our local

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i remember my first experience with perl.

programming for finance burned me out and i was looking for something interesting. it was 1998 and silicon alley was seducing anyone/everyone with pipe dreams of stock options. they had windows... isapi... and vb s‎crip‎t... and other tools of mass destruction... but i chanced upon some .asp s‎crip‎ts that had embedded perl. something about the -> operator jumped out at my C++ heritage. and the love afair began.

well, fads come and go. so went the dot coms. and so went i, back to finance.

but there is still love.