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I have recently taken an interest in reading postings for Perl contract jobs. I often see something similar to the following:

Wide demonstrable experience with Object Oriented programming

What does this mean?

  1. Designing and coding objects
  2. Using existing OO code(CPAN)
  3. Both
  4. None of the above

As someone who has done a bit of both 1 and 2, I am just curious at to what professionals and/or hiring managers are expecting when they ask for experience in OO(Perl or otherwise).

(I do not generally work as a developer, though I do some development on occasion. Thus my nativeness...)

Thanks for any feedback. Update: I would like to thank each of those who answered for taking the time to do so. The input is very helpful to me at this point in time. I got a darn good (though somewhat rueful) laugh out of the post by ww! So many job posting are written in such a way that one would have to sit at the right hand of God just to qualify to read the posting, not to mention apply for the job.

Thanks again! ++ to all.

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