This script does basically what jcwren's infamous monkmap is doing, but isn't it cool to have a script like that on your own computer?

The version of this script requires a monks.xml file, listing all the monks coordinates. Thanks to jcwren, a daily updated XML file is now available at his site! Writing the script that grabs from the site XML is left as an exercise to the reader (the most lazy of you could probably try to convince me to post it too). Update: All the necessary files are now available for download (.tgz 2M).

If you like this node, be sure to ++ Corion's node too!

New! Daily updated pictures of the North American, Europe and World are available here

Caution, big pictures!

There's still some features to add, namely

the up-to-date code is now located at the node


Fixed the text color, it's now really white
Added preview pics
v.0.02 : Now using Getopt::Mixed to parse the arguments, so much cleaner!
Added a bad attempt to fix the overlapping name problem
v.0.03 : A better way to avoid overlaps, thanks to Corion!
v.0.04 : An even better way to avoid overlaps and some changes in the logic, thanks again to Corion!
Moved to code to and added a link to the original XML file at
my $OeufMayo = new PerlMonger::Paris({http => ''});</kbd>