Anonymous Monk Design Proposal

Intended as a redesign of the Anonymous Monk (logged out) face of PerlMonks partly in response to a previous discussion:

  • Site facelift?
  • UPDATES :: Wednesday, February, 9, 2011 ::



    While the organization of information has been kept largely intact, there are enough differences between the current Anonymous Monk design and this proposal that it's important to note in each area. I used The Monastery Gates for the design sample provided along with content from earlier this month.

    The design has been organized into two columns: One for node content and titles. The second for all navigation including search, log in and the Chatterbox.

    Below is a more detailed description of design decisions made in each area.

    Column One:

    Column Two:


    I'd like to thank the following people for providing preliminary feedback to the design and helping debug parts of the markup:

    ambrus, belg4mit, Corion, ELISHEVA, jdporter, MidLifeXis, roboticus, steve, tye, Voronich, Your Mother



    This document will probably change to reflect any edits to the design. I'll list the changes below this section in the future.

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