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unconscious (alone)
[bar] 13/6%
unconscious (with one or more individuals)
[bar] 19/8%
programming (one day is like any other)
[bar] 39/17%
still partying (it's a week-end, after all)
[bar] 7/3%
trying something new (e-mail me; I'll try anything twice)
[bar] 7/3%
trying something old (music, TV, reading)
[bar] 17/7%
with friends
[bar] 28/12%
with family
[bar] 55/24%
watching football
[bar] 9/4%
what's this fixation with January 1st? New Years falls on (Rosh Hashanah,Tet, Diwali, etc. )
[bar] 14/6%
[bar] 22/10%
230 total votes

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