in reply to the state of perlmonks' perldocs

With respect to updated documentation: although I love being able to easily link to the documents, it also strikes me as innecessary that vroom has to keep updating them, when there is something like PerlDoc whose only purpose in life is to keep up-to-date documents of all things Perl. So I got to thinking: maybe an arrangement between PerlMonks and PerlDoc could be made, so that perlman: (and possibly perlfaq:) links take you to the corresponding page in PerlDoc? I don't how how easy it would be to integrate this into the Everything engine, particularly so that it keeps being transparent to the user (this is, not have to explicitly type "perlman:", but just create a link to the name of the function and have it do the right thing).

With respect to keeping different versions of the documentation, I think it would be a fantastic idea. I tried to find older documents at PerlDoc, but I couldn't find them. Maybe it would also be a good thing to suggest to them?