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Yes, but how stable is the specification? How far along Rakudo is isn't that important (at least to me) as the language itself is. It's the language that provides the real long-term stability, not the implementation. For outsiders, it's not obvious how far along the specification is. I assume many parts are fleshed out and really well thought through, while others haven't been touched yet because the implementations aren't there yet and people still need to play around with it. But I can't know what sections are where. So even if I evaluate Rakudo for my use-case today, it doesn't say anything about what will be tomorrow. And it's the tomorrow people are interested in.

And I'm not quibbling over any of those terms. Also, again, I'm not interested in the version numbers.

By the way, you're coming across as quite aggressive. I don't know if that's intentional or not. But just to be clear: I don't (yet) care about Perl 6. At least not from a usage point-of-view. I'd be happy if I had more time for version 5 in fact. So I'm not trying to pressure you into an answer. I just feel that the discussion about version numbers has taken over the discussions about the actual questions that people have.

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