in reply to Catching die in Net::SFTP / Net::SSH::Perl:

Hmm, I don't know if I was a character off on my syntax somewhere, but eval seems to work now without errors.

On the other hand... I just broke Net::SFTP by trying to update some modules. So now I'm going to have to restore Perl from backup before I can test if this actually works or not. I was even using cpan to update, sometimes I really really hate Perl.


EDIT: Let's say I'm on a cloud server (Unix variant, Apache, etc.) and connecting to it via SFTP and SSH to update and run my code. If I'm understanding correctly, Net::SFTP::Foreign doesn't require all those millions of broken dependencies like Net::SFTP does, but it does require an SSH client of some sort. What client would that probably be and how would I interface with it? Can you give me a simple connection example? If I don't explictly specify something, will it use the standard ssh and/or sftp utilities?