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I know this is something of opinion, and I'm not trying to start a 'which ones better' war, but I am trying to decide on which toolkit to use. I've been screwin around with perl scripts on and off now for a little while, and want to go graphical. I'm talkin simple gui's. On a google search I found that there's a Tk module, thought about that because of my familiarity with Tkinter in python. After some searches here though tk seems to be about the only toolkit perl monks are not discussing. So really I'm just wondering what experienced users see as the main advantages and dis-advantages of the main toolkits, wxPerl, Qt, Gtk, Tk or any others I might not now about. I'm looking just for helpful information so I can make an educated decision. Don't need any 'this is the best' especially without reasons why you feel this. Sorry, I don't love startin these types of threads either. But, while it's easy to find lots of info on this stuff, it's hard to filter out whats legit. I'm really just tryin to get some info on these libraries from current users, and I figure PerlMonks is the place to go to talk to current perl users that know alot more than I.