Perl Object Oriented Meta-Tutorial

This is a meta-tutorial, in that it's meant not to teach the reader how to use objects in Perl, but where to find information about using objects in Perl. This may sound irrelevant or useless, but with the amount of documentation that ships with the standard Perl, a meta-tutorial might be useful--or even necessary.

Think of this as an extended index to various sources of documentation on OO Perl.


Before you learn about objects in Perl, you need to be familiar with certain concepts: references, as discussed in perlref and perlreftut (unfortunately, I can't find a working URL for the latter), and modules and packages, as discussed in perlmod. This isn't, of course, necessary if you're just trying to *use* objects (as opposed to writing them, that is).

But it may be helpful all the same.


If you're just beginning your OO education by learning OO Perl, you need documentation that presumes no prior knowledge of object-oriented principles. As such, these sources are a good start for any OO beginner:

A Modicum of Experience

So you're no longer (or never were?) a beginner to object- oriented programming. Now you need to learn how to do it in Perl. These are a good start.


All of the Above

The Others

There are a good number of other resources on OO programming in Perl; they're not listed above because they're not solely focused on OO.
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