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This is not about code but about how to save de code on perl files which I accidently deleted, so if my question needs to be moved to another section, please do and forgive me.

I virus recently infected my hard drive. I backed up my files burning a DVD. Then I sent all my files to the Trash Bin in my Windowe PC, and then deleted them.

After reformatting and reinstalling Windows XP, plus installing Active Perl and the Xitami Linux server, (where I develop my perl), I grabbed my DVD BackUp to re-install my scripts in the cgi-bin, but much to my surprice the DVD had only the name of the folder burned in it and not its contents. My folder which supposedly contained the perl scripts was empty and the files where gone.. or never burned.

Searching through the internet I found file recovery software which helped me find all the files that I was missing and exported them out of my main hardrive into a USB memory.

When opening those perl files with a code editor now I dont see my code but the mess you normally see when you accidently transferred a perl file in binary mode.

Does anyonme know if there is any hope in repairing these files, so I can continue development..??

Thanx beforehand