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Hi fellows,

i know, this is not a perl question, but because i'm sure that perlmonks knowledge reaches beyond the frontiers of pure perl i'll put it here.

Does anybody know how it can be done that color-informations within a text-selection in a xterm-session can be preserved. If i select f.i. the colored output of a "ls -al --color=tty" i only get the uncolored text with a CutAndPaste-action but I would like to have the text AND the color-infos in a way you can see here:

drwxrwx---+ 9 tos Benutzer 0 Mar 25 2009 ESC[00;34m.ESC[00m drwxrwx---+ 69 tos Benutzer 0 May 8 2009 ESC[00;34m..ESC[00m -rwxr-x---+ 1 tos Benutzer 2743 Oct 26 2008 ESC[00;31mAuErrorDBESC[ +00m -rwxr-x---+ 1 tos Benutzer 1736 Jan 29 2009 ESC[00;31mXcms.txtESC[0 +0m drwxrwx---+ 2 tos Benutzer 0 Jan 6 2009 ESC[00;34mxsmESC[00m
Any suggestion or hints would be appreciated.
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