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Hello dear Monks,

Thank you all for you help !

ikegami, the error was

Can't locate object method "new" via package "Command" (perhaps you fo +rgot to load "Command"?) at ./test line 13

and you said

You never defined Command::new

? here I bug :
I have a package Test::Command with a sub new, and a use Test::Command;
Why is Command new not defined ?


But I'd like some automatic relationship between Test and Test::Command

Is that a @ISA or inheritence question

spx2, I read stuff on Moose too and will probably use it, but I thought I'll try to understand first the 'manual' way.

pajout, I think my understanding bug is somwhere in your example but still don't where ! I'll play with it.
why can't you use

use Animal::Dog::Sheepdog; my $helper = Sheepdog->new();

Thanks again.

Have a nice day.

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