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In order.
  1. Optional typing systems are a nice idea, but I doubt they will be used much. For instance if you properly declare things in Common Lisp, it is supposed to be as fast as C. But most people don't do that, and those who do occasionally get good foot-shootage out of it. Besides which, the performance gains will probably not really materialize for a couple of iterations.
  2. The global variables were ridiculous. The only one I would miss is $!. I am used to typing that...
  3. Changing the arrow syntax brings Perl in line with the syntax used by virtually all other languages. And backwards compatibility is not an issue since Perl 5 code will run through the translator which supports the old syntax.
  4. The fallback goes the other way. You are making a method lookup and it falls back to a hash lookup when no such method is found.
  5. Again you have what Damian said exactly backwards. Perl will go from methods not saying what you get but everything else saying what you will get to having nothing say what you will get. So I suspect that if something like @object.method() is on the horizon it will be something like map {$_->method()} @object is today...