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I'm the human in this picture. BTW, that's not my dog—it just came up to me out of the blue!


Current project: Text::Creole on GitHub.


14-August-2001 in CB: virtualsue says, “There’s no such thing as a simple regex question.”

23-August-2001 in CB: premchai21 fades back into existence. Sorry about that; g++ decided it would chew up the whole CPU and grind the machine to an absolute halt.

30-August-2001 in CB: ChemBoy says, ah, yes. I'm proud to say the idea of doing something that silly hadn't even occured to me :-)

5-September-2001 in CB: Vynce says, most browsers are dumb. some are also evil.

8-July-2002 in CB: jcwren notes 'print "hello, world...";' is syntactically correct, but doesn't do what I want. Namely be a CD inventory database.