On Monday Lady_Aleena posted her first ever module for D&D fans. Today in the CB, herveus told us about his module Weaving::Tablet which generates patterns for a weaving machine. I thought that was pretty cool, so I tried look up other hobbyist related modules on CPAN. I didn't have much luck with crossstitch, needlepoint, knitting or even pattern. The last however just had too many hits to go through. purl pulled up a few hits, but they weren't exactly games.

I had a bit more luck with baseball, football (N.B. that was by a soccer fan, not an American football fan), soccer, tennis and basketball. I even found hits for blackjack.

music also turned up a lot of interesting modules (+300!). In addition to reams of modules for various music file formats, there were modules to retrieve Yahoo music ratings, compose music using gestalts, fetch lyrics, and track distribution history.

Under games I found several modules for fans of cards, chess, checkers, bingo, various adventure games, SuperMario(TM), and of course, modules that implement the traditional on-line games from my computer "childhood" - worms, hunt the wumpus, and rogue.

I have a feeling there are lots more out there.

So what hobbiest modules do you know about? What is your favorite? Have you written one? Did you publish it? Why or why not?

Best, beth