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Ladies and Gents,

I am trying to insert img, pdf, etc files into DB Blog.
It is working now.
I slurp the data into $data and do

sub _insert_to_db { my $self = shift; my $sql = "INSERT INTO DBI_LOB(ID_KEY, FILENAME, TIME_STAMP, FILE_DA +TA) VALUES (:ID, :FN, SYSDATE, :BUFF)"; my $sth = $self->{'dbh'}->prepare($sql); $sth->bind_param(":ID", $self->{'id'}); $sth->bind_param(":FN", basename($self->{'filename'})); # NOTE this statement on the $data $sth->bind_param(":BUFF", $self->{'data'}, { ora_type=>ORA_BLOB }); + eval { $sth->execute(); }; if ($@) { croak "Failed to insert $sql: \n $@"; } }

You see that the $self->{'data'} is comes from

open(local *IN, '<', "file.pdf"); $self->{'data'} = do {local $/, <IN>}; close IN;

This I read the content into Memory, what if the file is 2G? I will hog the memory, am I not? Is there anyway I do it with filehandle, and some how stream it? Would DBI or DBD::Oracle let me do it?

Best regards,