in reply to Reflections on Skills of the Skillful

During one of the pre-semester teacher's meetings at a local community college where I taught for many years, one of my colleagues frankly said, “there are those who get it, and the rest who don’t and never will.”

I nodded my head vigorously.

Computer programming was something that I was interested in, literally, since I was five years old. (The PC would not be invented for another fifteen years...) Because of my interest, and my aptitude, I focused my attention upon it almost exclusively and loved every minute of it. I've broadened my interests quite a bit since those days, but I still basically love what I do and I am proud to do it well.

The people who are truly good at any sort of skill are people who were naturally drawn to it ... strongly enough to make them willingly invest the time and effort necessary to master it. They might, later on, forget just how much time they have spent. But it wasn’t “magic.” They just did it because they truly wanted to; truly loved it.