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I agree to all the above posts in the point 'experience/practice', learning in some form has to be there till you die, but practice is very important otherwise as OP mentioned it will get 'totally evaporated', I did simple things after my initial learning of perl, I wrote lots of perl scripts which helped me to manage my routine work at the bash(shell-*nix) prompt, after some amount of practice, accidentally some search in google about a problem in perl script has brought me here to this perlmonks site, after that it is never looking back. Everyday I am seeing(learning) problems & solutions which I wouldn't see at all if I would have been in my nutshell. I learn more; than I actually was able to contribute here, that is the beauty of this site
You are in the right place now.
Utilize it to the fullest possible extent.
Happy perl learning; Cheers :)

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