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Hello monks,

I'm here with a non-trivial question, which confuses me greatly, and I'd very much like to seek advice of the wise. My problem is that suddenly the company I'm working in, declared that CPAN modules I was working on during the employment should be removed from there, even though previously we had a solid (but unwritten) agreement about me releasing them as open source. The declaration is not final yet, because I had some arguments to defend the modules and the common good they serve. The current status is that I need to file a written request for each of the modules, and their destiny will be reviewed and decided on separately.

Hopefully I'm panicking for no reason, hopefully my arguments will be listened to, but if not? I'd be really frustrated if I need to withdraw my own modules with my own hands. Are there any really good bullet-proof arguments I can put in the requests? Were there any precedents like mine? Any help will be appreciated!

Update: People, you are fantastic! Thank you so much. I won't even need remembering arguments and shaping up my defense. I'll just send them a link to this thread.