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Perl was doing really great until I tried to type a Japanese string directly into my source file. I can't remember the exact string, but something like:

print "これは日本語ですよ!\n";  # This is Japanese Text, btw

would die miserably because the interpreter saw the japanese characters one byte at a time, and eventually found a ". I'm not honestly sure that was what was going on, but the same code with English output was fine. use locale; and use utf8; only changed what the errors were. Also, piping Japanese text in and out through forms and text files works great too (so far).

This was in PerlScript in IIS as well, I suppose that might have had something to do with it. I can at least say that the errors I received made the least sense of anything I'd ever seen. ;)

I might give Ruby a look though...lots of Japanese documentation for them will only make my life easier. You thought explaining Regular Expressions in English was hard?