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Thanks for the reference. I've looked through it, and there's some good stuff there to digest. However, one of the examples in perlman:perldsc is almost identical to something I already tried, following an example in Programming Perl.

for ($i = 0 ; $i <= $#diary_data ; $i++ ) { print "$i is { "; for $temp_keys ( keys %{ $diary_data[$i] } ) { print "$temp_keys=$diary_data[$i]{$temp_keys} "; } print "}\n"; }

This still generates an error. I broke it down to do one step at a time, like this:

for ($i = 0 ; $i <= $#diary_data ; $i++ ) { print "I: $i\n"; for $temp_keys ( keys %{ $diary_data[$i] } ) { print "Key: $temp_keys\n"; print "Data: $diary_data[$i]{$temp_keys}\n"; } }

This gives

I: 0 Key: timestamp Use of uninitialized value at ./ line 197. Data: Key: value Argument "NWORLASTE800 LOGIN FAILED\nNWORLASTE801 LOGIN FAIL\n\nWA..." + isn't numeric in helem at ./ line 197. Bad index while coercing array into hash at ./ line 19 +7. $

However, if I comment out the line that starts with print "Data...", it prints the correct keys for this hash:

I: 0 Key: timestamp Key: value Key: user

What confuses me is the fact that I'm following examples straight out of Perl references and getting these errors. I'm starting to wonder if I've found a bug in