in reply to PM and XML (ab)use?

Not in my own defense but merely as a note:
you can build a nuclear reactor from parts you buy in a hardware store and you can kill someone with a kitchen knife.
That doesnt mean you should !!
Like mentioned before it's called use and abuse. I'm sure someone out there took a perfectly innocent script from the monestary (or from any place for that matter) and did something bad with it.
I can only hope my code won't be abused, but I doubt that's the case. If every piece of code written can be abused, should programmers stop writing code?
If the information on a site isnt in XML, it will probably be in plain HTML... someone who really wants data, will get it... whatever the format.

To conclude (and in my defense):
No, I did not and probably never will write code with intent for abusing the monestary
No, I didn't think it all over before posting
No, I don't regret posting it, since it brought along this very healthy discussion
No, it doesn't stop me from writing PM related scripts.
No, I am not visiting the monestary any less since I wrote those non browser PM scripts, in fact it has the opposite effect.

Yes, sensitive code should be discussed in CB or #perlmonks before posting. I actually mentioned Vote Bot on #perlmonks and posted the code online somewhere before posting it in CUFP.
Yes, I learned a great deal by implementing XML::Parser (and numerous other modules on the side). That's what the monestary is all about.
Yes, I expect people to learn from my code (how crappy it may be). Again, that's what the monestary is all about.
Yes, I am considering putting a "for educational purposes only" notice on all code I post, since it might be a way to stop downvoting.

Added: No, I don't hold a grudge against any monk in this issue (or any issue for that matter)

On the banners issue : lynx, bannerfilters ???

... Quidquid perl dictum sit, altum viditur.