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HAI GUISE? IM IN UR PERLMNKS! LOL! I've read and re-read man perl and it says nothing about using fork except for this one line! I really need to get this script working asap, but this site is so slow I wonder if anybody will *ever* be able to read this, fer CowboyNeal's sake! I keep askin in da chatterbox but nobody listens. What's a borg? Maybe I dont have enuff karma yet to get noticed you guise shuld fix dat for us newbies ROFL! Here's my code but it doesn't work right now: #!/usr/bin/local/perl -w -T -f use fork; for( $spoon=1; $spoon<10; $spoon++ ) { if ( fork()) { print "I has a fork but can't eat my soop" if !$spoon } } bzzzzzzzzzztttttttttaaaaaaaaugh!

/me can't believe nobody else did this yet ;-)