vote on Which bad behaviour most deserves an electric shock?

Posting code without code tags
[bar] 103/14%
Putting 'urgent' into the title of a node
[bar] 124/17%
Ignoring the fine manual
[bar] 60/8%
Using lolspeak in a post
[bar] 148/21%
Posting the same question multiple times
[bar] 120/17%
Asking monks in the Chatterbox to answer their question posted to SoPW
[bar] 19/3%
Complaining about the performance of the site
[bar] 20/3%
Making suggestions to change the XP system
[bar] 30/4%
Using Cowboy Neal's name in vain
[bar] 39/5%
[bar] 50/7%
713 total votes

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