in reply to XP problem

I don't quite see your problem - but then again, maybe it's because I know/have heard of (most of) the various ranks designated by his popeness.

I'm of the opinion that the orders of magnitude difference between himself and the rest of this wonderful enclave ably serves to demonstrate the sense of humour with which he, (the vroom), has been blessed ;-)

Personally, I use the monastry for 2, related, reasons:

From an XP POV, I find it useful in trying to identify the stuff in which other monks are/maybe interested - the more XP, the more interest ?! Not that that has prevented me from expounding my views on a number of (mostly Windoze related) topics, but as opinions, the XP isn't of any where as much interest on such nodes.

And as for life after popehood, maybe you should ask BrowserUk about it - once he's finished his meteoric rise to such heights - which, as has been observed elsewhere, might not be that long in arriving ... long live the revolution :D)

A user level that continues to overstate my experience :-))