Hello, all. This is my first ever post to PerlMonks.. I've been a longtime lurker, and some of you may know me on Dalnet #perl as malander, as well..

I've been coding in Perl for about 9 months now, and loving every minute of it.. While only being 14, I've dabbled in tons of languages, primarily qbasic and other BASIC variants, and I must say, Perl is the best thing I've come across. The "horrid" syntax of it is something I enjoy, as opposed to what others think of it.

I haven't felt I had anything worthy to contribute until now - see, recently, I've been experimenting with the Ruby language, for fun.

Now, it rather disgusts me that the Ruby language pages, (I'm talking the official site etc) seem to portray an attitude of "Better than thou" towards other languages, namely Perl.. It puts a bad taste in my mouth, to be honest with you.

In fact, sometimes it even seems like the author of the language is trying to sell his language on Perl hackers, which also leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Besides this, I rather like the language. It seems pretty neat. However, what do others think of my concerns? -malander