in reply to comparing two files, with known variations

Hi Sathiyamoorthy,

I don't know is there any tools for that. Since there are only 2500 lines, we can do the job in a normal way.

1. read one line at a time using 'while' or read and store in 2 arrays + line by line. (open, while, @file1, @file2, '<') 2. 'split' the line with '$#$' in both the arrays/lines. (split, @arra +y1, @array2) 3. In a subroutine compare first, second and third field of the array +1 with first, second and third field of the array2 respectivey, for t +he difference. (for time comparison you can use Date::Manip or Date::Calc module) (&s +ubroutine) 4. write the result in a file to create a report. (open, '>')