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I think mentioning a few sites is useful. Let's take . This is an amazing website. It has some of the richest dynamic content available. What the site presents to me is not what it presents to someone with different tastes in books, art, music, or whatever. But, amazingly enough with all of this powerful marketing-oriented computation going on, Amazon still remains very fast in page response and the look of the pages is nice and tight and cozy. So it is safe to say that 3 types of people are working in the best form on synergy seen anywhere on the web today:
  • Web developers - they did it with Perl
  • Web designers - those nice tight pages with attractive buttons and color schemes
  • Web content managers - the people who think up all the neat "oh-gotta-click-there" things that spring out at you at their website.

    On the other hand, take Etoys Etoys, before its demise, was widely known as having the strongest investment in Perl technology in Southern California. They often had merlyn there for instruction/consulting and they were the commercial proof-of-concept for Template. And they too, were at the forefront of marketing-driven dynamic content generation. However, the weight was too heavy on technology. The webpages at Etoys had lots of blank space all over the place. The images looked like they were scanned from an old newspaper. It was ugly. Thus here the web developers did their job, but did not engage in synergy with the designers and content managers.

    I can't think of a site where the design is great but the core computation is poor. Heck, who needs web developers anyway? Yahoo doesn't support web development for their webhosting. They say just use Mivascript to do everything from forum building to guestbooks to chat and more!