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Taking advantage of LWP::UserAgent's "Handlers" (and WWW::Mechanize is a proper subclass of LWP::UserAgent) might give you better access to the content. And using IO::Compress::Gzip for better dealing with the content a piece at a time.
use IO::Compress::Gzip; my $compressed; my $z; $mech->add_handler( response_header => sub { my($response, $ua, $h) = @_; $response->{default_add_content} = 0; $z = new IO::Compress::Gzip \$compressed or die; } ); $mech->add_handler( response_data => sub { my($response, $ua, $h, $data) = @_; print $z $data or die $!; return 1; } ); $mech->add_handler( response_done => sub { my($response, $ua, $h) = @_; close $z or die $!; } ); $mech->get($pdf_url); warn length $mech->content; # 0 cause of the 'default_add_content' se +tting warn length $compressed;
Note that $z->print() and $z->close() work too.
Note that LWP::UserAgent has a remove_handler method, too, in case this $mech object has to go do other stuff.

Also, does IO::Compress::Gzip::gzip handle it any better directly from $mech->content?

(side note) Can (potentially) save a mem copy of the content by instead passing $mech->content_ref to Compress::Zlib::memGzip