This thread is interesting to me because we are contemplating using this software to start up another type of community.

Why not do away with the -- voting all together and just leave the ++. If a node does not recieve any ++ votes, isn't that the same as a -- vote without the negative connotation and also prevents ganging up on someone because of who they are?

There are so many other issues with running a community that is vibrant and informative, but minimizing SPAM,TROLLING,FLAMING, ETC. is a very important consideration in not only the value of the site, but also in the time needed to maintain it.

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Re: One more solution to personality voting..
by voyager (Friar) on Apr 11, 2001 at 17:59 UTC
    But this node says
    If a given node receives a lot of negative votes it will be noticed by me and possibly deleted.
    So you would be removing a mechanism whereby the community can deal w/trolls or otherwise inappropriate post(er)s.
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