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Update: I was too quick in awarding you the prize :( The code is not chosen fairly!

For a code length of 3, the chosen code will rarely contain a digit < 7. For a code length of 4, it will rarely contain a digit < 6; and so on.

It's not until you get to a code length 10, that all the digits are possible, even then (on the basis of quick tests), the higher digits will dominate choices. I don't think this is true for any other submission, though I cannot say I have checked them all scrupiously.

I declare your second attempt the winner beating my attempt by 6, and being eligable for the bonus of 10 for running for a tension building amount of time.

Originally, the 'bonus' was conceived as a 'penalty' (hence the +10 in a competition that is smallest wins), intended to penalise horribly slow solutions. But as everybody took it as a requirement to slow things down, and that actually turned out to be the harder (more stroke costly) thing to achieve, I let the misunderstanding stand.

Hence, I think your second attempt has a logical score of 61, though maybe you should take a penalty for never terminating for a code length 1? Others will have to decide that. In any case, well done++

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