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Here's my go using HTML::TokeParser::Simple. Rather a lot of it but I find it easy to write, debug and maintain. There's no need to try and cram everything into one loop, so I've used three. :-)

Note that the output is utf8 because of the  .

#!/usr/local/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use HTML::Entities; use HTML::TokeParser::Simple; my $p = HTML::TokeParser::Simple->new(*DATA); my $span_start; while (my $t = $p->get_token){ $span_start++, last if ( $t->is_start_tag(q{span}) and $t->get_attr(q{class}) and $t->get_attr(q{class}) eq q{classification_indent} ); } die qq{start span not found\n} unless $span_start; my $span_end; while (my $t = $p->get_token){ $span_end++, last if $t->is_end_tag(q{span}); } die qq{close span not found\n} unless $span_end; my ($div_end, $encoded); while (my $t = $p->get_token){ $div_end++, last if $t->is_end_tag(q{div}); $encoded .= $t->as_is if $t->is_text; } die qq{close div not found\n} unless $div_end; die qq{no text found\n} unless $encoded; my $decoded = decode_entities $encoded; # returns utf8 for ($decoded){ s/^\W+//; s/\W+$//; } printf qq{*%s*\n}, $decoded; __DATA__ <span class="classification_indent">Advertiser:</span>&nbsp; Epicor AS </div> </td>
*Epicor AS*