This may be very, very simple compared to most goings on here, but it was cool for me since I still consider myself a newbie yet I was able to hack together a working, useful script in 5 minutes.

This script reads in the output of another script (which tells what nodes in our cluster have how many processors being used), and weeds out which nodes in our cluster are usable (i.e. have zero or one processors being used).

#!/usr/bin/perl #Andrew Levenson #2:13PM EST #Thursday, April 10th, 2008 #Displays nodes on ganglia with 0 or 1 used processors use strict; use warnings; my @open=(); my $ganglia=`ganglia proc_run`; my @results=split(/\n/, $ganglia); foreach(@results) { push @open, $_ if $_=~m/\s{1,}1\s{1,}$/; unshift @open, $_ if $_=~m/\s{1,}0\s{1,}$/; } print "$_\n" foreach(@open);

This greatly reduces to amount of time I spend scanning my terminal looking for whether or not I can submit a molecule to optimize.
C(qw/74 97 104 112/);sub C{while(@_){$c**=$C;print (map{chr($C!=$c?shift:pop)}$_),$C+=@_%2!=1?1:0}}