I would find it very useful to be able to toggle Perlmonks specific markup for my free nodelet.

I'm writing a large amount of JavaScript in there, and it is a pain in the a$$ to have to escape every square bracket with a backtick. Not to mention that I cannot easily use tools like packer, because all of my code is polluted with backticks. This requires me to either keep a second, clean copy on hand for compressing, or manually remove all of the backticks before packing, and then reapplying them afterwards. Not good...

Is there already a way for me to do this? If not could this be implemented? Just a checkbox or something that says "Ignore PM Markup?" in the Free Nodelet Settings page.

Besides the fact that it would make me very happy, it would also have the added benefit of populating the Free Nodelet Settings page with it's very first bona fide "setting" ... :)