Refs: "On Worst Nodes", "Worst Nodes and Making Lemonade", and "Do Not Feed the Trolls"

It's come up before, but given the recent apparent rise in trolling/vandalism is it worth considering reducing the appeal of the Worst Nodes page to trolls as a high score table?

The original ideas behind the Worst Nodes page seem two-fold -- spot notes that had been unreasonably downvoted, and provide examples of "what not to do".

There's obvious virtue in being able to spot whether a node has been unreasonably downvoted, but this probably only needs to cover nodes in the last few days, not provide an archive going back months. Further if it falls to -10 or so then it's probably being downvoted out of more than malice/mischief.

The "Worst Nodes of the Month" and "Worst Nodes of the Year" aren't collections of examples of what not to do, but rather of vandalism and abuse (for the most part, some exceptions). Newcomers wishing to improve their posting style are far more likely to benefit from being directed to (for example) "How (Not) To Ask A Question" than through looking through Worst Nodes to learn from other's bad behaviour.

Perhaps simply restricting visibility of the Worst Nodes page to (say) level 3 and above may suffice, possibly further restricting the worst of the worst to gods, janitors, and their ilk.