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Howdy y'all. If you're wondering where I've disappeared to... I'm still hanging around, just not in a way that you'll recognize (or so I hope). I've changed the password on my account to some long piece of nonsense that I can't remember, as well as having changed my email to, so I won't be getting any passowrd reminders.

Anyhow, thanks for the help with everything. Looking back at some of my old posts... they made me shudder a few times over the last few minutes while I was reading them. Some of the ones I did read no longer exist. If anybody is interested in my life as it continues, you can always catch me at - one place where I'll keep my username unless it becomes a problem :)

If you wish to see something quite neat, do a search here for deleted. You'll find quite a few posts... my posts, replies, etc: useless, void of content, immature posts that don't contribute a thing. Of course, some sections' original posts cannot be editted by the owner, so there's some of me left behind. Too bad. Anyhow, goodbye and good luck to all of you.