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This probably a very simple question. Sorry, but Im having a mental block.

I've got a fixed record length DB I substr into @arrys. One array contains names of people. I need a user to type in their name and I need to find it. If someone keys in Jeff Fox and I have A Jeff Patrick Fox III I want it displayed. The code I was trying to accomplish this is:

sub search { $matchcounter = 0; @terms = split(/\s+/, $FORM{'terms'}); foreach (@names) { $string = join(' ',@names); $string =~ s/\n//g; foreach $term (@terms) { if ($FORM{'case'} eq 'Insensitive') { if (!($string =~ /$term/i)) { $include{$matchcounter} = 'no'; last; } else { $include{$matchcounter} = 'yes'; } } } } }