It has been quite a while since I most recently announced History now influences voting. It has been over a week since I implemented Why does the XP nodelet say that I have "dog" votes left? (which provides a visual indication in the XP nodelet with a link for more information for those who have recently cast a lot of down-votes). All of the above have been announced in Tidings.

One week from the date of this node (within a few hours), I will enable the last feature and people will, for the first time, have a potential for losing XP for casting mostly down-votes.

Given the nature of the change and the experience of people asking questions about "what changed?" despite nodes in PMD and updates in Tidings, I am hoping that a second PMD node may get just a few more people to not be surprised. I've contemplated doing something more drastic like a quest or sneaking something into a page heading, but I don't like those ideas much and PMD and Tidings are the places people should look so perhaps more people will learn that. The XP nodelet change should be a big clue stick for those who might be impacted by this last-to-be-applied change. And this clear node title should help (update: title made more clear, s/for down-voting/for casting down-votes/).

- tye