I'm having my Friday moment a little early this week...

Needing to learn about the LWP::Simple module, I wanted to cobble up a quick test program. What to do... what to do... then, I began to wonder... What is the lowest PM node_id I have access to?

use strict; $|++; use LWP::Simple qw($ua get); $ua->proxy('http', 'http://myproxy'); # Skip nodes 0 and 17... # for my $id (1..16, 17..50) { Ooops... for my $id (1..16, 18..50) { my $url = "$id"; print "$url: "; my $content=get($url); if ( ($content) && ($content!~/You don.t have access to that node. +/) ) { print "Good\n"; last } else { print"\n" }; sleep 2; }
I put the sleep in there so I didn't overload the server too much.

node_id=0: Ok, this is the Monastery gates, that doesn't count. Hmmm, doesn't seem to work as a reference though - [id://]
node_id=17: is goofed up somehow, check it out [no such node, ID 17]
node_id=23: seems to be the winner Everything 2 Idea List

Now my paranoia kicks in. What do nodes 1..16,18..22 contain? What are the gods hiding? Are they talking about me...