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Lately, I've been writing various web applications which drive content delivery for some of my mobile content projects.

Some of the loyal users of these applications have suggested that I think about selling some of my custom content creations; that there'd be an audience for them, and that it could be a source of revenue for us (and especially me, since I'm out of work at the moment, doh!)

I've installed Business::PayPal::IPN and the other various modules related to it.. in an attempt to try to understand how to get my content saleable using PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Flexible Payments Services, etc.

I'm trying to keep the system as transparent to the end user, so they don't jump off of my pages to PayPal or Amazon or whatever, and then back to me when they're done.

Has anyone used these services through Perl to sell content or products? Is there another (easier?) alternative?

Any implementation theories, alternative services or approaches that work better or worse? Any major gotchas I should look out for?