in reply to My favorite crew member from the original Star Trek:

Well I can understand why Scotty seems so trendy here. However my vote is for Bones McCoy all the way: too funny with his continuous fights with Mr. Spock! And just not to boldly forget: he's dead Jim!

BTW: ++ for the poll, I was hoping for more Star Trek stuff @ PM. I had begun with some random Klingon programming tips:

I think it's clear enough it's only because of cutural circumstances: most programming languages were born in English speaking countries. I bet Klingon ones are strongly imperative! Klingon geeks despise event driven petaQ: they drive events, not the other way round. And their programs don't have loops. They aim straight to the heart: they often kill and rarely die, but when they do, it's with honour.

Now, I wonder if anyone has ever seen the full Klingon Perl programmer code! (As in "law", not as in "stuff programmers write".)