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Hi, I am new to this website. I am working on a fairly large data warehouse and I'm using CGI::Session for session management. What I have works great. It works on every single browser and operating system I've tried it on (Firefox,konquerer,IE 6/7,win,*nix). The problem is that there is one computer on the local network that absolutely refuses to maintain a session. The problem is as follows:

Upon successful login the session is created. I know the login is successful because I log all login information.

The user sees the homepage as they should.

The user tries to visit any other webpage and -blink- session is gone and they are taken directly back to my login page.

I installed firefox on the computer and it works fine, I also tried using an identical computer in the same office and their IE worked fine.

I've set all IE security settings to low, I added the site to the trusted sites list, and I tried adding an entry in the hosts file so that it'd have a qualified domain extension. None of these attempts have been successful.

I have seen similiar problems across google searches but they all got resolved using the hosts file. This did not work for me, nor have I needed to do this on any other computer. It is only this ONE specific computer. ~50 users have been able to login and use the program without hitch using the same browser and OS.

I am curious if anyone has seen anything similiar or knows why this may be happening. Unfortunately the project manager insists that all of the employees use IE, so I need to make this work. I've had coworkers look at the problem and we can't figure this out.

I can post code snippets if you like, but it's very simplistic. If the name and password match dispatch a session. When you visit a page if there is no session go to the login screen.

on login:
$s= CGI::Session->new(); $s->expire("+30m"); $s->param('permissions', $res{'permissions'}); $s->param('name', $res{'fname'}); $s->param('email', $res{'email'}); $s->param('id', $res{'id'}); $s->flush();
on page visit:
sub check_session { my ($obj,$s,$q)= @_; if ( !defined $s || $s->is_empty() || $s->is_expired() || defined +$s->param("nogood") || !defined $s->param('id')) { return 0; } $s->expire("+30m"); return 1; # it's active return 0; # it's dead }

Any insight would be greatly appreciated and much thanks in advance.