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I have my own module that requests are dispatched to as you'd expect.

When the module is loaded/used, i assume it is in OO context since the first argument is the name of the module/class. So, should I create a new() sub? is it required? is it called quietly if it does exist before calling the actual function/method requested by the SOAP call?

At the minute I'm bless'ing $self={} with the $class that is passed in first, but at the beginning of each sub in the module.

What's "best practice" in this situation? Create another 'private' sub to do the bless'ing and basic validation? etc.

And finally, if i wanted my SOAP service using mod_perl or Fast-CGI, should i 'use' all required modules in the calling script to ensure everything is loaded up first? or does SOAP::Lite take care of this for me?