I was initially thinking about a module that would generate and execute every possible piece of Perl code when it was loaded. Such a module would be very useful, because once you loaded it, you wouldn't have to actually run your program; it would already have done whatever it was that you wanted.

As a first cut, I wrote:

$s = "a"; while (length($s) < 100) { eval $s; $s++ }
realizing that this wasn't going to be what I wanted, because it doesn't generate any code with spaces or punctuation, but I thought it might be fun, at least as a joke. It looks like it is going to take a long time to execute, so I ran it with some fear that it might crash my machine or do something else bad.

But actually it executes rather quickly, and nothing bad happens. As I said, it was not the disaster I expected.

Can you predict the results?