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I don't know enough about site dynamics to have anything of value to say on the main issue, but your comment about SoPW caught my eye, and I hoped you might be able to clarify where you and ysth diasgree.

1) This might seem hopelessly trivial, but I the name as it stands has a flair to it that SoW lacks.

Might there be another way to reduce the whining? I'm too clueless to suggest a how or where, but could there be a clarification (somewhere!?) that the questions don't *have* to be "real" Perl questions (perhaps) that it is, as you say on the core topic, more an issue of intent - that one needs to be seeking the wisdom of Perl people.

2) If I'm out of order, I'm sorry, but I am not sure I understand where you and ysth disagree. Could you tell me if I'm on Pluto? As I see it:

The OP asked 3 questions, but they key one was whether there should be another category/section/??? added specifically for work questions.

ysth opined that work questions are not outside the core purpose of PM and said there should be 'fewer less specialized areas, not more more specialized ones'. I thought he was saying there should not be a separate section. (ysth, love, could you clarify?)

I got the impression that it was that last part you were disagreeing with, but you also seem to be saying that there should not be a separate section, so I must be misunderstanding one (or both!) of you.