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FYI, the following syntax:

$::mainwin = MainWindow->new (-background => '#b5bfcc');

... which is liberally peppered throughout your code is a great way to use global variables and get around the errors you'll encounter when running under use strict. You may want to instead declare your variables with my, i.e.

my $mainwin = MainWindow->new (-background => '#b5bfcc');

Regarding your waiting question, my assumption is that at the time your module is compiled, values like INFINITE and NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS (possibly among others) are undefined when you have the use before the module(s) that define them, i.e. use Win32::Clipboard; and use Win32::Process;. One way around that is to put those two Win32 use lines inside your module.

And the above anonymous monk is correct, use strict; and use warnings; in your module would help identify that issue.

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Re^2: More on Win32::Process not waiting
by Stephen Toney (Sexton) on Feb 16, 2007 at 23:49 UTC
    Good advice. Thanks!