I'd like to propose that the current Code Catacombs structure be replaced with a doclist-based structure. Doclist has proven itself practical in its applications to Tutorials (as subclass tutlist) and the PerlMonks FAQ (as subclass faqlist).

There are really only two main steps the gods would need to take to launch this conversion task:

After those are done, the pmdevils can do any necessary coding (which should be minimal), and the new group can begin creating and populating nodes of the new doclist type. One of the first lists created should be for holding New sourcecode posts, just like New Tutorials. Then we'll need the gods to make a maintenance create node, just like perltutorial maintenance create.

The new doclist type would need a name; I propose "codelist". The new user group would need a name; I propose something like "librarians" or "custodians" or "curators" — or, if we want to keep to the catacombs metaphor, "troglodytes".

PS - Ideally/ultimately, this same doclist-based approach would be used for the (much anticipated, never realized) Categorized Questions and Answers revamp.

And in case anyone's wondering — I volunteer for all of the above! (except the godly parts, of course.)

We're building the house of the future together.