in reply to XML::RSS and RSS2 with custom namespaces

So as it says in the docs, you can add namespaces with the add_module method:

$rss->add_module(prefix=>'my', uri=>'' +); $rss->add_item (title=>$title, link=>$link, my=>{ rating=>$rating }) +;
Updated: Meh, didn't see the 1.0-only restriction in reading the module code the first time. My bad. Looks like you could just add it in. It's this section:

# Ad-hoc modules while ( my($url, $prefix) = each %{$self->{modules}} ) { next if $prefix =~ /^(dc|syn|taxo)$/; while ( my($el, $value) = each %{$self->{channel}->{$prefix}} +) { if ( exists( $rdf_resource_fields{ $url } ) and exists( $rdf_resource_fields{ $url }{ $el }) ) { $output .= qq!<$prefix:$el rdf:resource="! . $self->encode($value) . qq!" />\n!; } else { $output .= "<$prefix:$el>". $self->encode($value) ."< +/$prefix:$el>\n"; } } }

BTW, you do realize that XML::RSS uses XML::Parser, which depends upon expat, which is not pure perl?

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