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Ahh, wisdom you seek. And some wisdom different from what you see here I can provide. You have a class Myclass yes?
use strict; package Myclass; sub foo { return 1; } 1;
Seeing the folly of your ways, you come to realize that the code must be
use strict; package Myclass; sub foo { return 42; } 1;
Search this program below for the answer
use strict; use Myclass; print "Foo is " . &Myclass::foo . "\n"; print "Modify the file and hit enter\n"; <STDIN>; do ''; print "Foo is " . &Myclass::foo . "\n";
And thus does "do". But note, that if we delete foo, the function remains in the symbol table, and thus stays. A more through approach would clobber the table elements from the package. Class variables are vulnerable as well. And use warnings will warn.

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